Professional Work


Acoustic Levitation

Using sound waves generated from opposing sources, an acoustic levitator can float small objects in the air, typically 1-3mm diameters spheres. These can be solid objects like plastic and metal or even liquids like water and specialized pharmaceuticals. I have been a part of the team developing this instrument at Materials Development Inc and in 2015 even had the opportunity to share this device with Destin of Smarter Every Day in association with American Idol. Learn more at MDI’s website.


Aerodynamic Levitation

Using a stream of flowing gas through a conical nozzle, an aerodynamic levitator ca float small objects in the air, typically 1-3mm diameter sphere. These samples typically are solid are room temperature and have a considerable viscosity and surface tension when molten. This system utilizes an integrated 400W CO2 laser to heat samples up to 3000°C. I have been part of the team developing this instrument at Materials Development Inc and have been fortunate enough to be a part of some exciting international sales. Learn more at MDI’s website.


Swim Cap Drying Rack

After kicking off a major lifestyle change and losing my first 25lbs, I was drawn to the world of Triathlon and dove in head first. Along the way I designed and 3D printed a small stand to serve as a drying rack for my swim cap to avoid mold and mildew buildup. After receiving some positive comments, I looked into turning my Swim Cap Drying Rack into a commercial product. This lead to a multi-year journey with many ups and down and a whole heap of lessons learned. Check back for updates, as I plan to release files and instructions so people can print their own. More details and ordering info


In Progress Projects



Early concept. Too early to share more detail, but I hope to have a separate landing page setup soon for this. Stay tuned.

Body of Motion Coat

More detail coming soon, but if you’ve seen the Robin Williams classic film Toys, then you might know what I have in mind.

Schlieren Imaging

Using a standard camera and special imaging techniques, anyone can see small changes in air pressure and temperature. More detail coming soon on Hackaday.


Complete Projects


NMBR 9 Box

A 3D printed box for the board game NMBR 9 (aka Number 9). I love the colorful box the game comes in, however it is a big bulky considering the small footprint of the game. This box, along with a customer paper sleeve for the cards, makes it easier to bring to game night. I would have opted to orient the card slot vertically, but I was limited by the size of my printer’s bed. Feel free to print your own for personal use!


NI USB-845X Talk

National Instruments offers two USB devices designed to aid in SPI and I2C communication, the USB-8451 and USB-8452. These devices share the NI-845X driver set. In a ten minute presentation given at a local Chicago LabView usergroup meeting, I presented the capabilities and shortcoming of these devices. The key takeaway is this: do not buy the USB-8451 for any new projects, however the USB-8452 is a fine device if you understand its capabilities. Check out my slides here (pdf).


Bike Shelf

A custom oak shelf unit made from a single 1” x 6” oak board hand cut and carefully aligned to hide changes in the grain. Designed to hold my cycling accessories, it features a shelf for my helmet and another shelf for miscellaneous items such as water bottles, sun screen, and common tools. Wood pegs provide places to hang sunglasses, headphones, hats, and other light objects.
Wood dowels act as a crude spline to join the boards together and strength to the shelves. I am reminded of my efforts every day before I set out on a ride and am proud to share that here with you.


Molten UO2 Experiment

When presented with the opportunity to melt nuclear fuel at Argonne National Lab, my team took full advantage. The initial work quickly lead to a paper in the journal Science. Follow on work is planned to study molten plutonium oxide. Read more at Science.


3D Printed Syringe Driver

Commercial syringe drivers are large, bulky, and expensive. I designed a cheap and compact syringe driver for a project and have shared the details online. See more on my Hackaday project page. I received honorable mention for this in Hackaday’s 3D Printed Gear contest.


Synrad i401 Laser Data Scraping

Synrad i401 CO2 lasers provide an HTML interface to view laser status data, however Synrad does not provide documentation on how to access this data outside of a web browser. The raw data can be accessed with an HTTP Post request which returns a long array of unidentified values. By looking through their code, I have identified the meaning of most of these values. See more on Github.


Siglent LabView Drivers

Siglent provides free LabView drivers for their function generators and oscilloscopes to aid in communicating with the devices over USB. I have created a few additional drivers for missing VISA calls, and I have modified a few drivers to allow for more modularity and flexibility. See more on Github.