When my provisional patent is filed, I will update this section.

OpenTempescope is the open source version of Tempescope, a "weather in a bottle" display for your home or office. I first saw the Tempescope at Bay Area Maker Faire 2015, shortly before they launched an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign. I was hoping my very own Tempescope would bring a little bit of the outside to my desk and windowless office. I learned a lot trying to build an OpenTempescope, but I put this project on hold due to a slight lack of documentation and trouble with running the Xcode.

Body of Sound Coat from Toys
Toys is a quirky and amazing 90's Robin Williams movie. One memorable scene featuers Williams wearing a suit that makes noise and lights up based on his physical movements. Of course he can't sit still and can't turn it off, much to the displeasure of his uncle/boss. My hope is to make a similar suit using an Ardunio and unveil it at Bay Area Maker Faire 2017!


Smarter Every Day
Adler After Dark
Uranium Sample Handler
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Centralia Mine Fire
The Centralia Mine Fire has been burning for decades in an old mine in Pennsylvania. Many groups have tried to put it out, but no one has succeeded. It’s an amazing engineering challenge and would be fun to take on.

Barcode Extension for Food Dating
Expirations dates on food can be a controversial topic. I envision these dates being regulated and an extension officially made for the UPC barcode system to include a date code along with an interpretation for the date (strict expiration, luxury ‘best by’, non-food date, etc). POS systems could alert the store, customer, distributor, and manufacturer as to the status of the product being sold relative to its date. I further envision this data being used to facilitate end-of-life food being donated to charity, which I consider to be a large problem at present.

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